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Latest LPS Schedule

The following is the latest schedule for the Local Planning Strategy (LPS) process which was presented to Council at their April meeting.  LPS Schedule April 2018This has now pushed consultation with our community back from June to now being in August.  The last “preferred scenario” was presented in June 2017.  That means in over a year now there has been no information provided to our community.  Despite many formal and informal questions from ratepayers and residents and WLRA about current drafting content and changes, the Mayor and Councillors have to date remained secretive.  It should also be noted that since the elections last year another $75,000 of ratepayers money has been spent with the consultants working on the LPS.  We can only hope that there has been significant benefit to our community from all this additional time and spending.  Should our representatives on Council decide to share information we will provide this as soon as possible.

Lake Monger Activity Plan

Lake Monger Activity Plan

Find out the latest from Town of Cambridge here.  The final report is due to Council in June.

New community bank opens in our suburb

Beyond Bank

When many other banks are closing branches, Beyond bank has recently opened their doors with a new bank branch and State head office in West Leederville.  For more information please visit their site here.

Subi East development is underway

MRA Subi East 3MRA Subi East

If you want to know more, have questions answered or have your say on a major development on our doorstep then please go directly to the MRA site here.  Comments on the development application are open till 5th May.


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Association Rules

The WLRA has had to develop new rules as part of changes to the State Associations’ Laws and Regulations.  They are based on the model rules with some minor changes to reflect the needs of WLRA.  Their acceptance will be voted on at the AGM later in the year.  Prior to the AGM all members are able to read the draft rules here.

Sustainability in our Town – (prizes to be won!!)

The Town of Cambridge is developing a Sustainability Strategythey want all of us to have a say on what is important to us.  The link here will take you to their webpage so that you can complete the quick survey and also register for one of the workshops.  Lets all participate and help shape our suburb and the broader town.

By completing the survey and providing contact details, participants will be eligible for the prize draw where they can win a Family Discovery Tour at Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

Local Planning Strategy (LPS)

Survey – What is important to me in the planning for our suburb?

Go to survey, click here →  Survey – LPS 

…….for a PDF version of the survey, click here → Survey – LPS (PDF version)

Please email your survey to

Your thoughts on traffic on Cambridge Street, WL

Cr Jo McAllister is interested in what you think.  See her message here:

“I would very much appreciate hearing the views of the WLRA on the issues raised by the Mayor with respect to traffic on Cambridge Street in West Leederville prior to the next Council meeting, as well as any other issues you feel are of concern or interest.  I also note that there is currently a review of the parking in West Leederville and Wembley, which may also make it to the agenda for the February Council meeting.  If you or the WLRA has any comments in that regard I would very much like to hear them.  All the Wembley Ward Councillors sat down with the Director of Infrastructure on Monday to hear what the Administration is looking at in terms of the review of parking (amongst other things), but it is the needs of the residents and ratepayers which should direct Council in that regard.”

Have your say by either contacting us on the “Contact Us” page, email us at or email Jo directly with your thoughts at

West Leederville HUB – Planning Consultancy

A proposal to progress the master planning of the West Leederville Hub – the land facing Cambridge Street between Holyrood and Southport Streets consistent with the provisions of the West Leederville Activity Centre Plan (Amendment 27) was considered by the Council in November.  The plan would see the area incorporating community facilities and other town owned land (shown in pink below) planned and developed over future years.

West Leederville HUB

Consideration of the plan was not supported at this time by councillors on the basis that it was considered premature in context with the development of the LPS which will be progressed in 2018.  Hopefully more information in the next quarter.