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Sustainability Strategy – Have your say…

The Town has compiled a draft Sustainability Strategy with the help and input from many in the community.  The document and your opportunity to make a comment in the survey before 29th October is contained on the ToC website page Draft Sustainability Strategy.

Ward Boundary Statutory Review – Your chance for change…

This review is required by law now and may not happen again for 8 years.  We have considered this and read all the information provided by the Town.  Our complete paper is attached here Consideration of Ward boundaries – Town of Cambridge 2018.  However in summary we support a change to 3 wards (Option 2) as described in the ToC document, however believe two elected members for each ward instead of three is sufficient and efficient.  The compelling reasons for this change include:

  • It will better represent the whole Town given the proposed changes in the east part of the Town within the LPS and this increase in residents in our area.
  • It will remove the likelihood and perception of ward block voting since one ward and mayoral vote no longer forms a majority.  Since the Mayor and Councillors have maintained that this perception is wrong then they should welcome and support the move to three wards.
  • Improved alignment of representation with community of interest.  It has been strongly stated in the LPS and supported by Council that WL is different because it is bordered by the train lines and freeway on two sides.  This helps define it as a different community of interest and supports more aligned representation.
  • Overall reduction of representation from 9 to 7 (including the Mayor) is well aligned with the Council’s focus on efficiency applying to the Town staff.  We think it only fair that similar efficiency improvements are applied to Council.  Should Council not support such change without considerable justification then we think this would be a case of “do as I say not as I do” would show again a lack of leadership.
  • Although minor in nature there would be clear cost savings due to the reduced elected member fees, training costs, shorter more efficient meetings, reduced meal costs, less IT hardware requirements etc.  These savings can flow directly toward reducing rates for our residents and ratepayers.  We know that Council have regularly voted to reduce rate costs so we believe they should also welcome this opportunity.

We urge all residents to complete the survey on the ToC website here so that your views on better representation can be heard at this important review.

If you would like to discuss or we are able to help in any way please contact us.


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Spring newsletter

Town expands parkland at McCourt Park

The park is now open.  This is one small but important step in improving the green open spaces in West Leederville.  An asset to us all.

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Lake Monger Market
Garage Sale Trail 2018,  20 October

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Get to Know Your Neighbours 

Do you know the first names of all your neighbours?

In this ultra-busy 21st Century we are often so caught up in our own world that we don’t get to know our neighbours like previous generations did.

The ‘Get to know your Neighbour’ program is all about creating safer communities by building positive relationships and open communication between neighbours. The  result being improved community safety.

If you’d like to get to know your neighbours and improve safety in your neighbourhood, the Town of Cambridge will give you a $100 Coles voucher towards a bbq if you host an event.  Go to the link here.


Local Government Act review – have your say….

Local Government (Town of Cambridge) is the level of government that has the most direct impact on how you live.  The Act that determines how they operate is having the most substantial review in many decades and the focus is on improving the performance of council. Part one was completed earlier this year and now the second stage of the review is open for community input.

If you think there are improvements to how we elect our Town council and for them to engage better with you then here is your opportunity to influence the outcomes.  All the details are at the following link: Local Government Act Review

WLRA on ABC Radio…..

This morning (5th September) on ABC Radio Focus, there was a panel discussion focussing on local communities and what can they do to shape community outcomes. West Leederville Residents Association participated in this discussion. The link is below.

Link to listen to the show here.

Getting the picture – What the LPS proposes in WL…..

Building density dection diagram


The truth about the numbers…..

We know that there has been a lot of talk about density targets and sometimes it is hard to get transparency.  We think it better that you form your own view so below are the comparisons since the last consultation last year for all areas in the Town.

If you are concerned then contact the Mayor and Council since they have the final vote on this.  The expected overall timetable is on an earlier thread below.

If you want us to help with understanding the LPS document then email us and we will try to answer your questions.  Our email address is

LPS Density breakdown

Latest LPS Schedule

The following is the latest schedule for the Local Planning Strategy (LPS) process which was presented to Council at their April meeting.  LPS Schedule April 2018The last “preferred scenario” was presented in June 2017.  Finally after over a year now information is provided to our community.  Despite many formal and informal questions from ratepayers and residents and WLRA about current drafting content and changes, the Mayor and Councillors have to date remained secretive.  It should also be noted that since the elections last year another $75,000 of ratepayers money has been spent with the consultants working on the LPS.  The main change has seen further density to WL instead of taking the opportunity to reduce the 10 storey buildings encouraged to something more suitable for the area and ensure the other planning documents reflect this accordingly.  This would also support the ‘missing middle’ developing and sensible down-sizing opportunities throughout our town.


Spotlight on Perth planning: ‘730 pages of policy and still no idea’

Read the article here. Deep problems in Perth urban infill planning_ but you can have a say on Evan Jones’ Green Paper into the planning system

Association Rules

The WLRA has had to develop new rules as part of changes to the State Associations’ Laws and Regulations.  They are based on the model rules with some minor changes to reflect the needs of WLRA.  Their acceptance will be voted on at the AGM later in the year.  Prior to the AGM all members are able to read the draft rules here.